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Friday, August 01, 2008

Credit Crunch Portrait sessions

The economy sucks right now doesn't it? my gas and electric payments are seriously stupid, I'm thinking that Hannah Hauxwell had a good idea living in hermitude without power supplies. The thing is that there's no point moaning about it but it's how we as people and businesses respond in these trying times.

I have some good news on behalf of Mandy Charlton Photography, with immediate effect I have slashed the price of portrait sessions from £50 to £30, this offer will not last forever but for the time being I think it's the right thing to do and it's obviously an astoundingly brilliant thing if you're currently thinking about having a family portrait session or getting some great professional photographs of the children.

You'll still get your web gallery for 30 days and you'll qualify for a 20% discount off all orders in the first 7 days so it really is a superb deal. As I said this offer will not last forever so don't hang around and book your spot, I've already booked some sessions since the announcement this morning so if you leave it too long you could be disappointed.

On a personal note I'm sorry I haven't had time to update the blog this week, it's a really busy wedding season and my business continues to grow and flourish.

One note to clients, from Next saturday (9th August) at approximately 3pm (I have a portrait session at 2pm) I will be on my holidays and won't return until the evening of the 15th. I will still be able to take calls but it may take me a while longer to respond to emails. I have Lisa and Peters wedding tommorrow, Rachael and Jonathans on the 8th of August and then I'll be home the day before Stephen and Denises wedding. Please be aware that if you want to fix up client consultations I may not be able to fit you in straight away.

So let me tell you about our holidays - Iain decided he doesn't want to come but hey that's 12 year olds for you so he's going to stay at his grandmas for a week. Paul's dad will be here cat sitting for us and we'll be having an adventure. Next saturday after my portrait session we'll be travelling down to Derbyshire so that we can go to Matlock Bath on Sunday and take the kids to Gullivers Kingdom.

On Monday we go further south to stay in Hinckley for our Drayton Manor Theme Park Break, 1 night in a luxury hotel plus tickets to the theme park on the Monday.

On the Tuesday we're going to stay in romantic Slough (lol) so that we can have 3 fun packed days in London and then on Friday we'll make our way back home, that one is going to be a long drive.

I can't wait!!

Have a wonderful weekend and I'll be blogging on Monday with photographs from Lisa and Peters wonderful wedding and beleive me you don't want to miss this one, it's going to be awesome.

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