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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Holed Up

No weddings this weekend so hubby and I are holed up at the Gisborough Hall Hotel which is lovely though terrifyingly expensive, I nearly passed out when I discovered that it was £7.50 for one glass of wine, we hastily retreated to the nearest supermarket and bought some nice bottles to have in their room, now I must stress that you do get a complimentary corkscrew so we're obviously not the first couple to faint at the drinks prices!! To be honest the food isn't horribly expensive just the alcohol, aah well, not to worry! One thing I must say about the Gisborough Hall Hotel is that it would be the most fabulous place to have a wedding.

So no pics yet as I can't honestly be bothered to connect the lead from my camera to my laptop, I might share some tommorrow night!!I could have fun with Paul if we were trapped inside a small cupboard together!!

Toodlepip it's face-mask time!

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