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Friday, August 22, 2008

Emma and Mark got Married at Headlam Hall

Headlam Hall is seriously one of my most favourite places to shoot, it's gorgeous, one of the most gorgeous places I know of, if you're planning your wedding you really couldn't pick a more fabulous place with the nicest most attentive staff I've encountered for a while, Martin the manager looks after the brides with the ultimate care and attention and helps make sure that the day goes by without the teeniest hitch.

So I have atleast 60 favourites from this small wedding I shot there yesterday and I really didn't want to share just the couple shots as I have been doing of late, I thought I might share some of the earlier parts of the day and highlights so here you go :-

Emma's gown was designed by Benjamin Jacobs and so completely gorgeous it just about made me gasp.

a helping hand from mum to do up all the delicate buttoning on the back of the dress.

sharing a moment of delight with mum

Isn't she gorgeous

to compliment such an amazing dress Emmas delectable taste chose a simply rose posy to carry down the isle

Mark, the dashing groom getting a helping hand from his son to pop that pesky buttonhole on.

A relaxed portrait.

Mark watches his beautiful bride make the journey down the isle with her dad.

After some short formal groups I escorted the couple away for their bride and groom alone time and rain was threatening heavily as you can see from this incredibly moody shot, let me tell you that this size does this photograph no justice, try it on a 4 ft canvas and take a second look, I can tell you it's awesome.

So then it did actually rain quite heavily and I shot the rest of the couples session literally inside a tall hedgerow and of course being the professional I am I don't get fazed by rain, I think these hedge photos turned out awesome.

It may have been raining but the light was scrummy, I had an umbrella over my camera as the couple stood inside the small covered hedgerow, is this photograph the most romantic you've ever seen?
Finally it stopped raining so we made it back to the reception and look at what awaited us

The most amazing homemade cake I've ever seen, Emmas mum was responsible for this wonder!

Finally I'll end on this one, this was not posed, I simply captured this moment as Emma and Mark were waiting to welcomed in to the wedding breakfast by all of their guests.

Emma and Mark, I hope you love these as much as I do, thanks so much for letting me be a part of your day.


Unknown said...

Wow. Fab pictures. That dress is gorgeous.

mandijane said...

Mandy these photographs are just sooo're just on a roll with your amazing talent.....if I get married're at the top of my list..... :)

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