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Monday, August 11, 2008

08/08/08 - Rachael and Jonathons Wedding

So, I know Rachael is waiting with baited breath for these and I heard that her mum cried with just the one I posted yesterday, lets hope that she's got a box of kleenex handy for todays ones!!

I honestly have so very many favourite photographs from Fridays amazing wedding that I really don't know where to start. I could have easily posted 50, LOL!!

Rachael is one of those beautiful people who also has a personality to match, she's got the teeniest waist and a figure to die for but it's wonderful that she's also just a lovely person.

Rachael is a worrier though so it was important to try and catch her off guard, especially in those nervous pre ceremony moments.

This one on the millenium bridge is probably the most serious of the day but I love it!

The bouquet.

Jonathon is obviously very dashing and he's a relaxed chilled kind of a guy which makes it easy to spend lots of time with him.

The adorable couple.

Loooove this one!!

This one was totally unposed, Rachael did this unexpectedly while I was photographing the signing of the registers, i think it's one of my favourite moments from the entire day and I actually want to end this post with a candid shot as well

This one actually gives me goosebumps, this was during the actual signing of the registers and Rachael and Jonathon greeting each other as man and wife for the first time!

Well Rachael and Jonathon I hope you like these wee peeks from your gallery which will be live upon my return from holidays.

I'm off to scare myself whitless at Drayton Manor Theme Park!!

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