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Saturday, January 19, 2008

This and That...

Yep, it's one of those posts where I have nothing substantial to say so I'll just make it bullet points which are hopefully a little easier to digest!!
  1. Had a wonderful lunch today at The Badger in Ponteland, Scrumalicious, the duck was superb! The children all had salmon fishcakes, definetly one of the better pubs you can go to with children.
  2. Booked an amazing wedding this week at St Nicholas Cathedral in Newcastle upon Tyne, Very very excited about that one, wonderful couple, amazing location, enough said ;)
  3. It's mid January and the wedding booking season has commenced, brides don't forget to book your free consultation by clicking through to Mandy Charlton Designs or calling me on the numbers on the header!! Packages go from £495 up to £1995 so something for everyones pockets.
  4. Still haven't heard from any brides getting married at Edinburgh Zoo, please if you're a bride planning a wedding at Edinburgh Zoo give me a call, I happen to think it's one of the coolest places on earth to get married and did you know you can even get married right next to your favourite animals, penguin ring bearers would be so cool!! Don't worry about travel costs, they're all inclusive with the price of the top 2 packages.
  5. I finally painted a set of canvases for the livingroom and they look marvellous, it's great to have some more of my own art on the walls.
  6. Still haven't made in roads on the redecoration of the hall and stairs, I swear this job is longer than the painting of the Forth Road Bridge!!
  7. Spent a couple of hours this afternoon chilling out watching Oceans Thirteen, great movie, definetly as good as the first and thankfully a whole lot better than the second, can't decide who's better looking, Matt Damon, Brad Pitt or George Clooney, who's your favourite?
  8. This week we made the choice that we'll do all future grocery shopping at Waitrose even though it's a 40 mile round trip, we'll still go to the local Sainsburys in an emergency. I just can't do Tesco or Asda anymore, we made the choice to eat organic several years ago but with all the recent campaigning by Hugh, Jamie and Gordon Paul and I feel a whole lot better shopping at a supermarket which provides ethical foods all of the time and not just when it suits them. Please also do me a favour and go and sign the Chicken Out petition so that we get better living conditions for the animals who provide our food. I eat meat and I wouldn't go without it but I beleive in respecting the creatures who provide it. Rant over...
  9. We're having Pheasant tommorrow, I love pheasant and in fact all game birds, i'm planning on introducing the children to them all this year, we've already had guinea fowl, tommorrow its pheasant and then maybe we'll do Quail next week!!
  10. Sunday will be spent chilling and not doing a whole lot really :)
  11. Last free weekend before the wedding season starts.....

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Ooooh we get a mention here :-) V exciting too..!

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