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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Cool Places to get married in the North East of England

So we've talked about all the really cool places to get married around the country but today I thought I would suggest some more local places, some of which I have shot at already, some I'm shooting at this year and some, well I would really like to shoot their, hint hint.... Mwahahahaha!

So in no particular order:-

  1. Bamburgh Castle
  2. Durham Cathedral
  3. St Nicholas Cathedral
  4. Hexham Abbey
  5. Linden Hall
  6. Embleton Hall
  7. Beamish Hall
  8. Matfen Hall
  9. Kirkley Hall
  10. Headlam Hall
Ooh, lots of halls there then!!

Ok so what about something completely different for those brides and grooms who want something out of the ordinary? I don't have any suggestions other than the countrywide ones I posted a couple of days ago.

Perhaps if you're a bride planning her wedding day at somewhere completely different you could let me know and then I in turn will be able to tell other brides wanting something out of the ordinary.

Now come on, don't keep it to yourself!

If you are getting married at one of the above places then why not give me a call or click through to Mandy Charlton Designs and we'll have a chat about all of your wedding photography needs or you can email me direct at

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