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Sunday, January 06, 2008

The Journey home from Scotland...

After the wedding in St Andrews we jumped straight in the car to head home not knowing at all what the condition of the roads would be, the day before when we had driven up some parts had heavier snow than others. Anyway we stopped at the Forth Road Bridge, near Edinburgh where I took some shots, it's my favourite Bridge.This is the rail bridge which is currently being renovated.

and this is the road bridge which I love driving accross.
Further on things started to look snowy

But being that it was the Christmas break most of the roads were very quiet.

You can see a couple more photos of the Forth Road Bridges if you click through to my Flickr page.

We made it home in 3 and a half hours and I've spent the rest of the weekend catching up on various tasks ready for the start of the week.

This week sees me with a couple of consultations and January is already looking busy in that way so if you want to book consultation for all your wedding photography requirements then do click through to Mandy Charlton Designs unless of course you're not with in driving distance and then we'll just have a telephone consultation!

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