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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

It's Tuesday bits and bobs!

Not enough to justify one whole post so as per usual I'll resort to bullet points!

  • We went to the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art yesterday morning, sadly there were hardly any exhibitions on but the ones we did see were as usual interesting and though provoking!
  • While we were there we went for our usual mooch around the gallery shop which I think is one of my favourite shops in the whole of the North.
  • After a little mooching my wonderful hubby bought me a Holga, a japanese toy camera which uses medium format film and gives strange and interesting photography, if you're interested in learning more about Lomography check out the International society of Lomography at
  • Super excited that I'm going to be able to take my Holga along to weddings and shoot something completely different from the norm.
  • I have a feeling I might fall in love with the whole world of funky 60's film photography, do a google search for a Seagull, I think thats quite awesome, maybe digital photography isn't the end of film photography, maybe it's just the beginning of an adventure.
  • Anyone got any out of date film hanging around, if you have can you email me at I'm quite happy to pay.
  • Anyone who's emailed me about wedding photography over the last couple of days, I'm sorry but I've had horrid email problems. If you don't get a reply can you email me again at for the time being!
  • Still some dates left for wedding photography packages this year and if you only need a couple of hours then check out my website because I have a few new smaller packages for the budget concious bride, after all doesn't everyone deserve great wedding photos, we can't all be rich and famous now can we ;)

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