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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Ellie Wiseman Trust

Ellie is the daughter of one of the best scrappers in this country (IMHO), she's an adorable girl who has a problem with her muscles, she can't walk more than 100 metres without being exhausted and relies on a wheelchair to get around any great distances. Her mum Kirsty has been seeking answers for years but not getting any and now Ellie has the chance to be seen by some great doctors in Nevada, the thing is though that she needs £5000 to get there. So she's going to raise it by walking a sponsered mile, thats the equivalent of you and me trying to climb Everest in our swimming cossies (I.E. Not Easy) please click this link to go and visit her mums blog and see Ellies video message to the world and then if you can spare it go and sponser her just a little.

1 comment

Kirsty Wiseman said...

oh wow - im so grateful for the link :) Thank you so much.
And your photos are GORGEOUS!

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