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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Really Cool Places to get Married...

Brides, where are they? What are your opinions? I would really like to travel a little further this year and I'm certainly available for wedding photography all over mainland UK but I'm wondering which places you brides are thinking about. I was just talking with my hubby about cool places I would choose if we weren't already married. I came up with the following list and feel free to add to, argue with or point out some new and interesting ones I haven't thought of yet and then if you're getting married there why not call me for a consultation, full contact details as always are on

So here's my cool top 20 places in main land great Britain (if money were no object) of places I would love have my wedding at:-

1. York Minster
2. Hexham Abbey
3. Edinburgh Zoo
4. Chatsworth House
5. The London Eye
6. The London Aquarium
7. Edinburgh Castle
8. Blackpool Tower
9. Westminster Abbey
10. St Pauls Cathedral
11. Fountains Abbey
12. Longleat Safari Park
13. The London Dungeon
14. Blenheim Palace
15. Holyrood House
16. St Andrews
17. Wembley Stadium
18. Wallington Hall
19. Anywhere in the Highlands of Scotland, it's all beautiful, (summit of Ben Nevis Maybe?)
20.Matfen Hall

Yes I know some of them it's not possible, some are clearly a little on the Kooky side and some of them are unlikely to happen unless I start mingling with the Royals (maybe they read?!), a couple of them I have actually shot there though and I LOVED them!

So tell me your really cool suggestions and of course destinations and venues if you're actually getting married there.

Happy Tuesday everyone - How long is it until the summer?

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