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Monday, October 29, 2007

Sarah and Matts Engagement Shoot

Today I met up with my lovely Friend Sarah and her fiance Matt, Sarah had given me carte blanche creatively when I said that I would give them an engagement session instead of a household appliance (well which gift would you rather have??) so we met up in central Newcastle upon Tyne and what followed was a brilliant urban shoot which gave fantastic results!

Now then, I would love to share them all, yes every single one because I mostly loved all of them but it being my little blog I'm just teasing you with these, if you want to see more you'll have to ask Sarah for her password or of course you could book your very own Engagement shoot or regular photoshoot, just be sure to click on the contact us page of Mandy Charlton Designs.



Anonymous said...

oh wow!!! Those are amazing... my fave is the last one on the steps, I love of the geometric lines frames them all around.


mandijane said...

Love them all Mandy.....

Bagpuss said...

AWWW they are lovely and you make a gorgeous couple!

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