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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Just So Thrilled...

At the way Elizabeth and Davids wedding has turned out, I was creating the DVD slideshow of around 79 Photographers favourite Photographs from their wedding and set to the licensed music I have it's quite special. I tested it out of course and all the family watched including Abigail, for Abigail to sit a whole 10 minutes in one place is quite an event!! I have got a copy of it which I'm supposed to be able to share online but I haven't a clue how to do it so if anyone has instructions on how you get a Pro-Show Gold Slideshow on to your blog I would be eternally grateful!!

I thought since I couldn't share the slideshow I would share a few more photos instead so here they are, I hope you like them!

Lurking Brides (:D) if you're looking and liking don't forget to book your free consultation by clicking on Mandy Charlton Designs and clicking on the contact us page.

This last photo is of David and all the rest of the guys due to leave for a tour of Iraq soon with the army, I'm pretty sure this photo is going to prove very special to all of them, guys if you're reading I'm sure I can speak for all my blog readers when I say we'll count the days down till your all home safe and sound again.

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