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Friday, October 05, 2007

Hexham Abbey

Paul took a well deserved break from work today and off we went to Hexham, I was scouting good locations for Lisa and Glenns wedding in November, it's always worth making sure that your wedding photographer is doing his or her homework on locations as you never know what the weather may decide to do on your wedding day!

So back to Hexham, it's years since I went inside Hexham Abbey and as luck would have it the organist was also practicing whilst I was inside so I felt completely inspired, I took several shots of the magnificent surroundings and soaked it all in. These are a couple of the shots I got today and don't forget if you want to see their full magnificence you can click on them and make them nice and big!

It's the weekend and Me, Abigail and Looby are all off to the local salon for manicures, it's the girls first time having a mini-manicure and they are so excited, I know they'll have a brilliant time, Jules the owner of MinxT on Heaton Road and also near Four Lane Ends in the east end of Newcastle is simply the loveliest lady and a wonderful beautician, Brides if you want make-up on your wedding morning then I can't recommend her highly enough, quite simply my nails have never looked better!

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