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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

It's the Mid-Week Round Up

Yes it's Wednesday and time for my mid-week round up, bullet-points of all that is going on in the Charlton household this week.

  • Made Sushi again last night - really loving that all the family enjoy our sushi evenings.
  • Took the children to a chinese supermarket yesterday, blimey we came back with some weird stuff!!
  • Abigail has the class bear home with her for half term, Barnaby also came along to the Chinese Supermarket.
  • Nearly wrapped up last weekends wedding, Just the slide-show to go
  • Elizabeth and Davids wedding on Saturday, very excited as ever, spoke to Elizabeth yesterday and she's still chilled out (funny thing, all my brides tend to be fun, laid back and chilled out) although getting a little nervous and excited.
  • The Middle point of Half Term, the cleaner only came yesterday and the house is a tip again!
  • A difficult decision was taken this morning after the dog bit Iain yesterday evening, nuff said, don't want to talk about it too much as it's hurting right now.
  • My awesome 120x80cm canvas of Looby is due to arrive any day soon and I can't wait to see how it's turned out.
  • Loving my job and all the family autumnal photoshoots at the moment, to book yours see Mandy Charlton Designs.
  • My Laptop with Windows Vista finally ground to a halt last night, have now turned off all the flashy settings and although it's like having windows 98 back it's a whole lot faster, I wouldn't mind but I have a 500gb external hardrive for the photos.
  • Decorating Halloween cookies this afternoon and bought a couple of Halloween candles yesterday, looking forward to this holiday.
  • Bought the children most of their autumn winter clothes today, the girls now both look splendid in Orange, red and browns, photos later if I can persuade them!!
  • Someone please tell me why my hair is always so unmanagable no matter what I do to it at the moment!

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