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Monday, October 08, 2007

5 Great Things I've done this past week

Ages since I've done a list and I have so many little random things to blog about this seemed to be a great way of doing it!

1. Went for Sushi at St Sushi in Newcastle on Saturday night, for the first time I tried Octopus and Clams and Oh my I loved the Octopus especially, I'm definetly going back there again!!

2. Went to the Journal/Tyne Theatre to see One Night Of Queen, the theatre was just opposite the sushi restaurant and we were seeing everyone go in, then I spotted it was a queen tribute band and so we managed to get a couple of tickets just as the show was starting and had the best night ever!!

3. Ordered a Huge Canvas, yes I know I sell them but I've never actually had one for myself, well thats all just changed and I've ordered a 16x24 canvas of Abigail, I have a 3ftx4ft one to order before the end of the month too but I'm still searching for that perfect photo!!

4. I bought another Camera, yep this one is lovely and great to add to my existing kit, as a wedding photographer back up kit is an absolute essential, prospective brides, make sure your wedding photographer carries back up!!

5. Hired a new assistant, please welcome Nigel to the MCD team! He'll be assisting on my October 19th wedding and I'm really looking forward to working with him!

No photo today, I was in bed all ill yesterday so my plans of taking all the family out for another autumnal session didn't occur, thankfully I'm feeling lots better today, can't quite beleive I slept for nearly 20 hours!!

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