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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Portraits of Paul

I had a little downtime today so what better way to spend it than capturing a couple of candids of hubby, no he didn't pose them at all, he just happened to look at the right time and for once actually didn't have time to pull funny faces, Thank You 20D ;)

This week has been a mad busy one but I did squeeze in time to make Sushi for the very first time and my normally picky children all thought it was fab, Looby even remarked that I was the best cooker in the world!

If you're looking for an eye into my world of work then you'll see that over the next week or so, I have an E-session on Saturday up at Matfen Hall with the gorgeous Stuart and Kate whos wedding I'm shooting in December (Christmas themed), then on Sunday I'm off to take 30 childrens portraits at a party to celebrate Ramadan, I also have another couple of family portraits scheduled and then next Friday I have a wedding where the theme is black and white, Love all the great themed weddings, it makes it such fun, then again being a wedding photographer in Newcastle is I find the most fun you can have without being naughty!!!

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