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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Ashley and his sisters

Yesterday I had a fabulous Autumn Family Photoshoot with the cutest family you ever did see, along came Ashley with his gorgeous sisters and his little poppet of a niece who is 14 weeks old and quite the most scrumptious baby I have seen in ages!!

It was one of the most fun sessions due to the great fun I had with all the family and also the fact that this wonderful autumn weather has left a bounty of newly fallen leaves. As you can probably guess a leaf fight ensued at the end and if I remember I'll share a classic leaf fight photo with you all tommorrow.

It really has been a busy week on the photographic front and I'm suffering for the 20 hour days I've worked, I have a huge head-cold and thats my bodys way of telling me I might just need to take a breath. I have another wedding on Saturday so I'm in recovery mode till then.

I actually spent a pleasant afternoon up at Waitrose in Hexham this afternoon, thats my nearest branch would you beleive and so not getting there very often we bought everything in site, gorgeous deli salads, tapas, 2 different types of olives, a wonderous foody bounty to keep us going in the half term week we have ahead.

Tonight I'm chilling out with a hot bath, a magazine and an early night (adding some benilyn sinus releif, paracetamol and Ibuprofen) I want to say a big thanks to those gorgeous people I have had the pleasure of photographing over the last week, you all really give me the best job in the world!

As you can see from all the gorgeous photos there's never been a better time to grab yourself a fabulous family photoshoot so why not head on over to Mandy Charlton Designs and book yours now!

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mandijane said...

Mandy you truly are a fantastic photographer.....
My heart sings with delight to hear how successful and busy you are getting...

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