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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

10 Reasons to Love March....

tynemouth beach by newcastle photographer, mandy charlton
Tynemouth on a March afternoon, alive again after it's winter slumber

Yesterday I was listening to the radio, I do that you know, usually in the afternoons when I am preparing dinner which we eat at five o clock because we are a household with children and children do not do dinner at eight!  Anyway, as I was saying, I heard the presenter remark that it was still light when people were leaving work and could we remember just a few weeks ago when the world was dark?  I laughed as I quipped that it's funny how we are always amazed by the days lengthening,  the temperatures rising and the light levels getting just a little sunnier.  Each March it seems we are amazed that spring is just about to come once more, everything old is new again...

Just as I was giving up hope in the weather it seems we were presented with the most beautiful springlike weekend and I was reminded just why I love this month so very much so without further ado, here's my 10 reasons to love March.

  1. Yes, I mentioned it before, Spring, on March the 20th it's my most favourite season of all, the light fills my heart and soul with warmth and my energy levels return to a very bouncy happy level.
  2. Easter is just around the corner, eggs and chicks and bunnies are as brilliant a reason to celebrate if going to church is not your thing.
  3. Baby Animals are everywhere in March, a trip to even the local city farm happily presents baby animals, we actually have some nesting blackbirds just by our back gate, I watched Mrs blackbird building her nest today and smiled, last year baby bird had an accident and was quite poorly, would you believe our cat stepped in and kept it warm one night and now they quite happily come into our back garden, it makes this city dwelling girl feel like David Attenborough.
  4. Spring is my most favourite of all seasons for photography, the light is just yummy and the golden hour is still early enough in the evenings to take advantage of, you know that until April 11th you can benefit from the best ever value spring mini sessions and I've availability right through the Easter weekend (with the exception of Easter Sunday).  Book one today!
  5. Gardening, my garden is just springing back into life after it's long winter rest and the Camelia I planted last year is going to have it's first flower, a lucky event!  My primula denticulata, my gunnera and my rhubarb are all showing signs of growth.
  6. Spring Breaks, usually spring is when I plan our first adventures away, not the work ones, the family ones, the ones Looby, Holly Bobbins and I adore so much.  We were lucky enough to win some vouchers for Virgin Experience Days recently so there should be enough to pay for a hotel in London and some tickets to London Zoo, obviously Holly won't be coming to the zoo though.
  7. Longer days and shorter nights, I love the light in March, it's not so harsh as summer but by the end of the month when the clocks go forward the extension to the day will be much appreciated, I love a good second stroll of the day with Holly on a spring evening.
  8. Trips to the coast - Have you ever noticed that winter on the beach you can take your dog and not see another living person, on Saturday when I went down to work at King Edwards Bay in Tynemouth I noticed how alive the beach was, teaming with people and dogs all having fun in the springlike sunshine, 1 more reason to be cheerful.
  9. School holidays are fun again as many attractions open again for the first time of the year after their winter breaks, I can't wait to have a trip to the National Trust Cragside, I miss that walk during winter and though there are usually complains from tweens and teens they secretly enjoy it and soak up the history like osmosis.
  10. Flowers, I've mentioned the garden but I adore flowers, and spring flowers are my favourite, I love wild flowers, meadow strewn floral carpets, I love Poppies and Ranunculus and anemones, just having them in the house gives me a thirst for nature and outdoors, I always have flowers on my console table in the hall, every time I see them they make me smile and that is what it's all about really, things that make you happy and glad to be alive.

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