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Monday, March 14, 2016

Book a spring mini photo shoot in Newcastle upon Tyne

So that was the week that was, 7 days in hospital, surgery, antibiotics, steroids, a hole in the forehead, double vision, glasses and 1 very brave 12 year old who I'm so thankful has come through it all still smiling and being a mostly excellent patient.

We had the stitches removed today but she still has a small open hole where the surgeon drilled to put a drain in so it's covered over until it heals, suffice to say it's amazing to have her home and I'm not at all bothered (in fact I'm quite delighted) that she's not going back to school until after the Easter break on April 11th.

It's been the most traumatic time to watch your little one get ill and from other parents I've spoken to I hear the same thing over and over, you just want to put yourself in their place, to take the pain away, to suffer for them so they're better.

We see the ophthalmologist on Thursday to check on her eyesight, it's hoped that she'll make a full recovery but it's such a scary thing to think all of this has happened as the result of a cold!  

I've tentatively returned to my desk today and I have a way to go before I'm even vaguely up to date, the situation forced me to completely stop, I had no other option, for nearly a week I could think of nothing else but Looby and praying that she would get better.  It's a funny thing though isn't it, after nearly 2 weeks off you take your foot off your marketing pedal and you find yourself with a much more empty diary than you would prefer.  I had an idea, a way to make those lemons life throws us into a sort of photographic merengue.  I'm reintroducing mini sessions and they're available until April 11th.

Here's how they go - 

Book a mini session at Jesmond Dene, Saltwell Park, or Tynemouth Longsands, it's a 30 minute session and it's £125, you get all of the edited images via a digital download and you can do whatever you want with the digital images, they are yours to keep.  Bearing in mind that the least you can usually have a session with digital files for is £250 it's extraordinary value but it's a good way for me to get my family back on track and my business to.

So here's what you need to do to book -
Email me to book your session, then all you do is pay a small £25 retainer and on the day you just need to bring along the other £100 in an envelope in cash and that's it.

This Saturday and Sunday I will be at Jesmond Dene, Next Saturday I will be at Tynemouth Longsands, you choose your location and I will see when the next date/location I can do.  They're available all through Easter, the Easter weekend, the school holidays, whenever is good.  The only catch is that I won't ever shoot more than 5 of them a day because the rest of my day is devoted to being with Looby!

So, go tell your friends, your family, anyone who'll listen, book your mini session today because they're only going to be around until April 11th!


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