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Wednesday, March 02, 2016

8 Great Ways to Show Mum You Love Her

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Mum's, they're amazing, it's the hardest job in the world for no pay and sometimes you actually hold your head in your hands and wonder "Why on earth did I actually sign up for this?"  Conversely of course you have those days where everything seems to fall into place, your parenting day is a good one, your children are thriving, excelling and generally being well balanced and wonderful and you feel on top of the world.

For almost 20 years now I've been a mum, I don't actually feel old enough to achieved that!  I'm proud I have 3 reasonably well balanced young adults who've made mostly excellent life paths so far, you never know what's around the corner of course but I cross my fingers and toes that they're wise and wonderful enough to go on to great things.  I adore my kids, they make me smile every day and even my nearly 20 year old who works for me reminded me that I needed to pay him early this week so he could send off for my Mothers Day present.

Now it may be that you are reading this having a panic about what to do for Mothers Day, I'll actually be going to Nethermined 2 with Looby as we have press passes, a thanks for being their official photographer for the original Nethermined Event, it's not my ultimate Mothers Day but I know Looby at least will have the time of her little life and it's already been put out there that we should go out for dinner on a different day.  Well at least I suppose I get to have a lie in.

If you are still struggling with ideas, here's 8 great presents to show mum you love her

  1. On Saturday as always I have my Mothers Day Sessions, these are really an amazing way to tell mum you love her, there's still an available session at 1pm in Jesmond Dene, this year they're a 45 minute session and they're just £45 and include a 7x5, 9x6, online gallery for 30 days and 15% off if you place an order in the first week your gallery is live. Just email me and we can set that up.  Don't worry though if it's a little short notice because what you could do is purchase a gift certificate and give that to mum on Mothers Day, she gets to open something on the day and then you can take the photo shoot at any time you want in the next year or so.
  2. Why not take mum for a favourite day out? If I had my choice I would be spending the day in Seahouses, walking along the beach with lunch at the Bamburgh Castle Inn
  3. If you don't have any money at all but you still want to show mum you care you can get a mention in the Chronicle if you are local to Newcastle or the North East of England.
  4. Why not get mum an experience to remember, a hot air balloon flight at dawn is something I have always wanted to do, Virgin Experience Days is your best website for that one.
  5. Another creative way to show mum you care would be to collate all of your best photos, the ones that make you smile and make mum a slideshow, you could take it into her on a tray with the breakfast you've just prepared and play it on an iPad, honestly, a slideshow of cuteness with twinkly music is always guaranteed to reduce me to tears and I'm sure most mums are exactly the same.
  6. Draw a picture, create some art, stick things to other things, mums like me adore handcrafted gifts, they're made full of heart and warmth and love.
  7. I think I speak for most mums when I say that the best way to spend Mothers Day is with the whole family, all together in one place, I love busy family days so why not just take time out of your busy lives and go be with your mum wherever she is.
  8. There's always a chance that you don't have a mum so why not use the opportunity to just send someone a card who means the world to you, maybe a special mentor or friend, your friends mum who treats you like one of the family?  It's always lovely to feel loved.
So that's my quick last minute run down of things you can do to show your mum just why she's so special.

Mandy Charlton

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