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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Live a Life More Colourful #JBColourful

When Joe Browns got in touch to say that they wanted to work with me I did a little jump in the air, I've long been a fan of their quirky boho fashions, a brand who are all about living for the moment and enjoying yourself is most definitely something I can get on board with.

I've been wearing their clothes for a few years now but I'd never tried their shoes so when they told me I could pick anything for their #JBColourful campaign my eyes fell straight upon these beauties.

Joe Browns, Mandy Charlton, Photographer UK

I loved shooting this series of images, it's great to do something completely different and being someone who loves a colourful life I feel they definitely chose the right photographer for this job.

I also had the perfect location with lovely coloured walls, it's just a shame that 55 Degrees North have repainted the pink wall blue, that pink wall was my favourite!

Luckily there's still the awesome yellow wall to add to the blue so I had a lot of fun with these pretty vintage shoes against all the various colours down there.

Now then, you may be wondering about how I managed to do this, was it a tripod and a remote trigger or did I simply detach my own ankles?

Luckily I had a secret weapon for this photo shoot, my lovely daughter Looby!  Looby as you know has had a rough time of it lately but we were delighted to get home from the hospital on Friday evening and she bounced out of the doors this time, I feel we have beaten the infection this time and so we finally went to shoot these images last night, I had backup feet on standby but I'm so glad I didn't need them as Looby had so much fun being a model, it's great when you can share shoes with your mum because they have the same sized feet.

When you look at her on these photographs you wouldn't realise that she'd had surgery a week ago and two rounds of surgery this month, kids are so very resilient and Looby is a lesson in just how brave we all should be in times of tension.

I think Looby exemplifies everything that Joe Browns is about, she certainly makes every day more colourful, she always lives life to the fullest and leaps and bounds through the weeks, there's always a cartwheel here and a handstand there, I don't know where she gets the energy from but I hope she always remains this way.

So go ahead now people, use Looby as your example and go live a life more colourful!

Mandy Charlton for Joe Browns #JBColourful


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