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Thursday, February 04, 2016

10 reasons to love February

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Last month I wrote my 10 reasons to love January list and I thought I would continue it as a monthly series, I can't believe it's February, for me it's the real start of the year, if I'm honest, nothing really happens in January, I'm too busy hiding away from the dark and cold and winter but February sees the return of light in the mornings and the evenings once again begin to stretch their light filled arms embracing us with just a tease of a cuddle that spring is somewhere waiting around the corner. Here's my 10 definitive reasons to love February...

  1. If January is a month of beginnings the theme of February has to be about love, now it may not be that you are in a relationship but this doesn't have to mean that you don't have love in your life, in February it's great to remind yourself just how much you love and are loved, what form that takes and who it's with is entirely up to you but I for one have never felt as loved in my life as I have since I adopted Holly Bobbins, my crazy beagle companion never fails to give the best cuddles and as she nestles her head in my lap I know that she's telling me just how much she loves me.
  2. Whilst we're on the theme of love why don't we all send a valentines card this year, just as gifting should always be about the giving and not the receiving why not send a card to a friend or child or even your pet telling them just how much you love them and how important they are to you. It doesn't have to be a full on declaration of love but it's always likely to make them smile.
  3. If you are of course loved up and in a relationship don't forget that it's the 29th of February this year, this day in fable and legend means for one day only ladies everywhere get the choice to propose to their beaus and should they refuse (how very dare they?) they must buy them 4 dresses, now I'm not one for collecting dresses but it's a good excuse to update your wardrobe!
  4. As we return to lighter days and nights it's a great opportunity to start welcoming in spring. My console table in my hallway gets more springlike every week as the seasons start to change and the availability of spring flowers becomes more readily available.  You don't have to spend excessive amounts on floral treats though, I find that even Lidl and Aldi have a great assortment of fresh flowers which change on a weekly basis, I've just taken out a subscription to Bloom and Wild, a monthly box of flowers I get to have a faff with, that alone makes me feel joyous.
  5. Have you noticed that the shops are full of heart shapes?  Someone once told me that if they could put a name to my decorating style it would be love and it's true, I have hearts everywhere and little signs with cute quotes which make me happy so it's always a great excuse to pick up new heart shaped delights.
  6. February weather on a good day can be sunny and lovely and it's great month to get outdoors, to feel some sunshine on your face, to go an extra mile or to walk somewhere you've never been before, go search for snowdrops or early daffodils, finding outdoor patches of loveliness is a great way to warm the soul.
  7. Whilst there are days of spring and warmth and sunshine February is the month we are most likely to have snow days so if those magical snowflakes do start to fall get out there, build snowmen, drink hot chocolate and embrace the joy of winter whilst it lasts.
  8. February I find is the last month for a while that I'll feel like burning candles, it's a funny thing but I've noticed I rarely burn candles between March - September but during Autumn and Winter I adore the soft warm light and the heady scent of loveliness that you only get from a candle.
  9. The light in February whilst still quite low has a lovely soft glow perfect for photography so what are you waiting for pull on those wooly jumpers and book yourself a family photo shoot, it's the quieter lull of my year so you might not have to wait 3 months for a weekend date, Indoor sessions are cosy and intimate, outdoor sessions lead to rosy cheeks and sunny smiles so to book your session just drop me an email and we'll set that up!
  10. I don't know about you but February makes me want to get more organised, this week I've just treat myself to Spark Joy, An Illustrated Guide to the Japanese Art of Tidying and I'm hoping it's going to change my life, it's a really pretty hard backed book I know that and even holding it makes me feel better, it promises to revolutionise my life and that's not a bad thing!

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