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Monday, February 08, 2016

Have you got plans for pancake day?

Beagle, dog friendly north east england
February has hit and I've already noticed my energy levels rising again, the days are visibly longer and when my alarm goes off in the morning I don't feel quite so exhausted although I am still hitting the snooze button.  Yesterday Holly and I had a huge stomp through the countryside with my lovely friend Harriet, it was a lovely Sunday off and the sunshine certainly warmed my soul!

Today was like a breath of spring air, whilst the rest of the country was hit by storm Imogen up in the north east it's been a pretty good day, I didn't quite achieve a long walk because Mondays are mostly manic but it gives me hope that later in the week I might be able to wander in the nearby woodlands noticing winters grip being beaten by the warmth of the coming spring.  Yes I know in reality we still have a way to go yet before the bunnies emerge and the chicks start to cheep their chirpy song but I can't bear to think that it's still likely to snow sometime soon.

Single parenting, winter, self employment, they're all a bit of a bumpy road and definitely not for the faint of heart, whilst I adore my job, I do sometimes think it might be nice to get paid in regular amounts on a monthly basis, luckily I also realise that me trapped behind a desk would be a pathway to my own madness, probably quite literally if I'm honest.  

I have so many plans for this year, I have the dreaded 3rd floor I want to decorate, I want Looby to have her wild flower meadow bedroom and I want every Monday to be open house, it's sort of come to pass that people just end up at my house on a Monday night for dinner and you know what, I love it, I cook simple healthy food that tastes good but contains lots of smart carbs and no refined sugar and everyone goes home happy.  I love having a houseful, I don't even mind the washing up (though I think the time has come to put a dishwasher on the top of my want list), I don't even mind that my children never like the same food and I have to cook at least 2 different meals.  I just love having a table full of chatter and laughter, food unites, it's where friendships are built and strengthened.

Tomorrow, I'm reminded is pancake day, I have a plan for this, 1 sitting of normal fat pancakes for my children (just don't tell them I'm using wholemeal flour) and after slimming world, 1 sitting of some healthier buckwheat protein pancakes with a ricotta and cheese filling for savoury and a strawberries and cream filling for pudding (well we all need a little treat). Happy kids and happy friends I hope.

I'm very excited about this week to come, my article in Cruise International will finally be published on Friday, yes in the shops, a real hold it in your hands magazine.  I've been published before, lots of times actually, my scrapbooking design team days lead to lots of publications but this will be photography and travel writing, something I've been working so hard towards, trying not to get too over excited but to keep having the passion to put myself out there.

This month marks my 10th year of blogging, I am someone who gets excited about a lot of things but sticking with them, well that's another thing indeed so to have before me 10 years of my life, it definitely deserves to be celebrated.  I want to do something special but I'm still not sure what, my lovely friend Laura from Sharpe Recruitment suggested that I should give away afternoon tea with me and you could ask me anything, now I'm not exactly Richard Branson but I guess I've picked up a lot of valuable stuff in 10 years so maybe, just maybe it's not the worst thing you could ever win.  I'd love to know what you think?  How would you mark 10 years of blogging?

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