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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Best Hamper Company for Pets - Best In Show

Since Holly Bobbins came into my life it's fair to say that her loving paws have lead to me having a pretty smiley face every day and along with her best friend Petunia they keep me entertained on a daily basis.

Both Holly and Petunia are rescue dogs who now happily have amazing lives and they get to spend time together in a way that Beagles and Siberian Husky's don't usually in the wild.  I think often beagles aren't the biggest fans of Huskies but in Holly's case although she usually doesn't like bigger dogs she loves to meet other huskies if we're out for a walk, I guess it's because she thinks that they're all Petunia!!

Holly and Petunia running through the fields in Keswick

Last week we had a surprise arrival, if I'm honest I hadn't thought to do anything special for Holly on Valentines day on account of the fact that I just love her and give her everything she needs all of the time but then this amazing hamper turned up from a wonderful company called Best In Show and I wondered why I hadn't thought of that.  The truth be told there are so many occasions where I think I'd love to buy her a hamper (I love hampers, you know this by now) and Christmas, her birthday and even Easter is just around the corner, all great occasions to give the pets you love a treat! You don't have a dog, I hear you say, well would you believe they also do kitty hampers filled with delicious treats for your four pawed purring feline friends as well.  I just can't guarantee they'll show their excitement in the same way your dog will.  Holly got so excited at some of the treats she wagged her little tail off!

We were so overcome with excitement that we actually filmed our unboxing video straightaway!

This wonderful hamper would only cost £34.90 and it contained all manner of gourmet treats like some Venison treats, some delicious wheat free dental oaties, a pupbake and it even had a mug in for me which is just as well as I can tell you right now, no one has ever sent me a surprise valentine hamper and I think the chances of anyone sending me a surprise hamper at any time of the year are slim (I would graciously accept if anyone wants to do that).

We've had a lot of fun since then and I think with every day that passes Holly Bobbins thinks her celebrity status grows just that little bit further, if we're not careful she's going to think she's the dog equivalent of Mariah Carey and then we'll all be in trouble.

It's great to be a writer and photographer, to collaborate with lovely companies about products, travel destinations and fabulous events but when you get to share that with your beloved pet it's even better.

Holly loves the attention and the cuddles from children we meet when we're out, she does quite often get recognised locally and once it even happened in Princes Street Gardens in Edinburgh, it's quite cool when you realise just how far a blog post can end up travelling.

To get your beloved pet the best hamper of goodies to make their tails wag  or to hear your beloved cat purring loudly as you present feline treats please pop across and speak to my lovely friends at Best In Show.


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