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Friday, February 12, 2016

Dog friendly accommodation in Northumberland - Waterside Cottage, Alnmouth

On a dark, cold windy night just before my birthday, Holly Bobbins, Looby and I set off with our lovely friend Li and her daughter for a luxurious weekend getaway in beautiful Alnmouth on the rugged Northumberland Coastline.  I've always loved Alnmouth, it's my regular place to escape, to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, it may only be 45 minutes away from Newcastle but it feels like stepping into a different, calmer prettier world, even in winter.

Waterside Cottage is part of a trio of cottages, nestled on the banks of the estuary in Alnmouth, on a clear night it feels like you can see forever.  The dark skies play host to millions of stars light years away, the twinkling eyes looking down at you from the heavens in their masses, it's a stargazers paradise.  When we arrived and got out of the car I stopped, breathless at the sight of them all in the skies up above me.  

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When you lead as busy a life as I do, escaping to the countryside as often as you possibly can is an absolute must to keep yourself sane!  I've said this before but single parenting, running a business and a menagerie is not at all for the faint hearted!

Now I may have made our trip sound like a tranquil haven from the madness of daily life but that's not to say that you can't be connected at waterside cottage because you can, all of your needs are catered for, Dishwasher, super fast wifi, huge digital tv, pretty much guaranteed to keep even the most monosyllabic youtube craving teenager happy.  Well that's if you choose to use all of the comforts you have surrounding, you could always ban tv and delve into the pile of games, a round of Monopoly anyone?  You could even tell your children you must go out because you haven't a clue what the wifi password is, just don't tell them I told you to do that ok?!

So that's the kids and you catered for but what about your four pawed friends?  I have to say that no one had more fun than my four pawed travel expert beagle Holly Bobbins, I think twice in the whole of the weekends she went on the lead because you're so safe and secluded there's just no need and of course, you all know Holly Bobbins likes the luxury life, well that's pretty much what she got at Waterside Cottage!

Big windows to watch the world out of, seagulls to try to sneak up on, long sandy beaches to run around, great dog friendly pubs like the Red Lion to have "scwumptious swossidges" and a big luxurious cottage to have the best naps in ever, yes that's one very happy travelling beagle, in fact, she gave the weekend 10 barks out of 10.

It was so lovely of Simone, the owner of the cottages to invite Holly and I to test out the cottages for her and even more lovely that I got to take along one of my very best friends, we had the most relaxing, restful weekends with way too much sticky toffee pudding, Prosecco and other foodie treats you only have on your birthday, suffice to say, even walking 7 miles every day and the waistline on my trousers felt just a little tighter on the journey home. 

If you'd like to book yourself a stay in one of Simones fabulous properties you can visit her owners direct page here, with accommodation starting at just over £100 per night you might just secure yourself the best value luxury cottages in the whole of Northumberland

Here's a few photographs from our wonderful weekend...

Holly Bobbins and I are always looking for more wonderful brands to collaborate with so if you fit the criteria please do get in touch.


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