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Thursday, May 14, 2015

The Indigo Herbs Raw Chocolate Making Kit - Chocolate Heaven!

There's something amazing about chocolate isn't there, we all know we're hard wired to love the delicious feeling of ecstasy as it melts in your mouth and the tryptophan flows through your synapses giving you those feelings of warmth and happiness, it's no wonder we spend so much money on chocolate in the UK! The only problem with chocolate is the fact that it's often loaded with sugar and if like me you're generally sugar free then the chances are you might be weeping into your lap by now.  Hang on a moment though, the lovely people at Indigo Herbs asked me if I would like to try their RAW chocolate making kit, described as a healthy and nutritious snack, no roasting of the cacoa and using agave syrup known for it's low GI I nearly snatched their chocolate stained fingers off.

Indigo Herbs are a health, nutrition and wellness company based in beautiful Glastonbury

Obviously there was great excitement when the beautiful kit hit my doormat (actually it was handed to me by a friendly postman but you get the idea).  I waited a while for the time to be right, a.k.a. a time when the children would all be out and then I set about getting to grips with my new best friend, i.e. the raw chocolate.

The box contains everything you'll need to make around 20-25 chocolates and it's such an easy process to make them, I literally couldn't believe how easy, each stage was described in their little pamphlet so well that there was zero head scratching and I think in all it took me around 20 minutes from start to finish and maybe another 15 minutes of freezing time for me to be able to eat them.

Now I've never been a fan of the Goji Berry but can I just say that this chocolate was born to go with them, now I know what to do if I want to eat some goji berries, chop them, combine them with some chopped brazil nuts (my favourite nut) and add to raw chocolate and hello Heavenly!

Melted gloopy chocolate heaven, that's what that is, do try and at least let them set before you eat them, do not be tempted to simply put your face in the bowl.

I decided to be a little freestyle (get me!) and made some using the petit four cases and then I made a batch using an ice-cube tray (just warm the bottom over a candle/glass hob when you want to remove them from said tray)

and of course Pyracantha the cat stopped by to examine them when I was outdoors photographing my tiny finished chocolate meditation clouds as I've decided to call them.

Just then a friend arrived and I managed to send them away with several of the chocolates for fear of eating them all in less than 30 seconds, they keep in the fridge for up to 8 weeks apparently, 8 weeks, fat chance, they only lasted a little longer than 8 minutes... actually they lasted 2 days but I did give more than half of them away to an utterly appreciative friend who also confirmed that they were actually the best chocolates on the entire planet.

I can't actually find enough amazing descriptive words to exclaim just how marvellous these little beauties are, absurdly plump and scrumptious maybe?

The Raw chocolate tasting kit costs £19.99 and Indigo herbs even give you free postage on orders over £30 so there's simply no excuses not to give them a go, that's going to make at least 4 presents for friends (or a delicious treat for 1) and imagine the fun you could have with the girls on a Friday night making these with a glass of red wine.  I can honestly say that I'll definitely be buying this again, I'd like to say that it would be for friends birthday treats but I think we can safely assume I'll just be making them for me, me, me and if you happen to be passing and find me with chocolate upon my lips say nothing, tell no one and I might just give you one or two to take home with you.

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