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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Catching Up....

Don't you hate it when bloggers go missing for an entire week or something?  Every day since last Tuesday I've sat down to write without any success whatsoever because I had too much going on so here's a little catch up of exactly what's been going on, going down, coming up ;)

So a week ago, I went with Looby to the RTS Young Peoples media awards, there was a red carpet, there was a buffet (probably from Costco if I'm honest) and I even chatted to celebrity superstar Rachael Teate, that's Kara from Wolfblood, she's lovely in real life and she presented the awards with style and grace and I am pleased to report that Benton Park Primary school went away with a special commendation award for their short film "Home" and it was another red letter day as Looby wore heels for the first time ever (barring the times when she stole mine from the cupboard to play shoes shops and models and....)

My gorgeous girl gets more grown up and beautiful by the day and can I also say that she managed in heels far better than I ever do!

Wednesday and Thursday were Thinking Digital Conference 2015 and I'm in the process of writing about that so more later but it was 2 full days of not only inspiration and learning but also of connecting with the community that I love, it encapsulated everything from particle physics to artificial intelligence to social media and art and data collection, to say it's wide ranging and educational is quite an understatement and the reason there's no official blog about it yet is because I still have to get my head around some of the information which I literally found to be life changing and mind blowing.  So I do hope you'll come back in the next couple of days to read about my snippets of information I'm taking away and using in my own life and business.  I actually wrote the blog in my dream last night and I remember thinking it was the most inspirational blog post I'd ever written, it's just a shame I can't remember a single word of it this morning.

Friday and it was time to catch up with a little one I've photographed 3 times now, she's utterly adorable and at 2 I would have to say very independent and strong willed, perhaps I think she's going to be a world leader in the future or maybe a fashion icon, you can never really tell can you?

One joyful thing is that in Jesmond Dene at the moment the rhododendrons are in full bloom so it's a great time to have a really pretty photo shoot with lots of bright happy colour in it.  If you would like a photo shoot this weekend I have availability in Jesmond Dene or Tynemouth Longsands on Saturday or Sunday.  Mini Sessions are £25 and regular 1 hour photo shoots are £40, both come with a complimentary print, web gallery, 15% off for the first week your gallery is live and can be used for any occasion.

Oh yes, I think I might have just said that....

On Saturday I went down to meet a gorgeous family at Dunston Staithes, now that is a great place for a photo shoot, I think it would particularly work well for a couples session, the intention with kids is always different to what actually happens on the day, we know that by now though, right?

I shan't give away the location of the secret flower meadow down there because you'll all rush off to blow those dandelion clocks and then it would spoil it the next time I want to use it.  I loved shooting down at the Dunston Staithes because it meant that I could walk down, it's just under 4 miles and takes around an hour and it's such a pretty lovely walk, keeps me fit and out of mischief!

Sunday/Monday were more along the lines of relaxation days, I sorted out my very messy bedroom and cleared away the very last my little pony, I have my bedroom back people, I have wrestled one last barbie and the scary welsh doll and Looby is happy to be in her own space upstairs, well except for the fact that she's always doing things in my room, in fact i'm sitting on the bed with that Stampy Cat right in my ear, I don't know why she always wants to be within 3 foot of me but I don't intend to complain as I suspect one day she'll scream and shout at me as much as Abigail does!

So, here's the rest of the week and there are a lot of photo shoots in there but that's not a bad thing, in fact it's a very good thing and so you too could nip in and take advantage by also having sessions so...

Today I'm going to be in Jesmond Dene for a session at 4pm, probably it's too late notice but hey, before or after always works if you have the urge.  Tomorrow I am on the beach for a session from 11-12 so I could fit you in before or after if you fancy coming down to Tynemouth Longsands. Thursday I have nothing in my diary so you could have a photo shoot anywhere and Friday is looking like photo shoots in Heaton Park if you fancy one there!  

Oh and just 1 more thing, I currently for a very limited amount of time am offering 30% off all weekday wedding packages which makes them so reasonable you might jump up and down with glee and I'm also offering 15% off weekend wedding packages for this year only until my diary is full so if you would like to speak to me about booking your wedding or shooting your portraits you can do so via -   Email/Website/Facebook go on, contact me now, it might just be your favourite thing you ever did!


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