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Sunday, May 03, 2015

Photographing Nethermined, a Minecraft Convention at the Park Hotel, Tynemouth

There aren't many jobs that I get that my kids actually get excited about, in the last year Abigail got excited about the time I met Richard Branson and the fact that I'm shooting a Dr Who themed wedding later this year, Looby on the other hand squee'd her little socks off when I told her I'd been approached to photograph Nethermined, the North East of England's first ever unofficial Minecraft convention.

There are conventions all over the world of course but you seldom get smaller ones with big names appearing in the North East and it had a real family feel to it.  If for example you wanted to get something signed at a convention in London you might be lucky if you actually got to speak to your favourite Youtuber because they usually only have small assigned slots for signings and then they're off to do something else but at Nethermined all of the kids who patiently waited to see their favourite Youtube stars were duly rewarded.

I met and talked to several Youtubers and they were all lovely and you know what?  Seeing the kids faces as they emerged from the signings with their T-Shirts, Swords and books all signed by their favourite stars was probably my favourite things, there were so many smiling happy kids and that included my daughter who at 11 even had her own press pass courtesy of mum, yes I really was mum of the year (for at least half an hour) I introduced her to Netty when I was shooting her headshot and saw her visibly get star struck (Netty is Stampys sister and an awesome Youtuber in her own right). You see Looby (if you're reading this) there are some perks to having a mum who's a photographer ;)

I wish years ago I'd started a Vlog, I feel a bit old and not entirely cool enough these days but I'm sure I could have rocked it 10 years ago!!

So shall we see some images and highlights from a wonderful day?

First people in the queue, who'd arrived really early to make sure they were first to run through the doors.

This T-Shirt is now covered in signatures, I don't think I'll ever be allowed to wash it!

Some of the Youtubers have formed a band called The Orion Sound Band and yesterday was their first ever gig, I think big things might just happen for them!

I have to say that I loved being the official photographer for Nethermined and I really hope next year they have a bigger event, I suspect they will as the North East needs more events like this, I know Looby can't wait for next year!


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