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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Mandy needs.....

Yes I popped it into google and here's what came up :-

Mandy needs - Little introduction (well thats obvious, once seen, never forgotten!!)

Mandy needs - A 6ft fence as she can sail over 4ft fences ???????

Mandy needs - A thorough physical examination and some tests (yes well I think I got those out of the way last week thanks)

Mandy needs - An obsession (err, photography, scrapbooking, have they not heard?)

Mandy needs - The human touch that only traditional animation could (oh goodness the mind just boggles!)

Mandy needs - Help in ways I just can't comprehend (been reading my psychiatrists notes again have they????)

Mandy needs - A knight in shining armour ( can they please make it Ewan Mcgregor or David Tennant)

Ok so now it's your turn, pop your first name and then needs into google and then post what comes up, if it's hilarious post a link so I can come and have a giggle, go on this stuff is priceless, harmless and you wouldn't want to keep it all to yourself now would you?


jafabrit said...

apparently Corrine needs to be dedicated to clearing her house of fleas LOL!

Unknown said...

Oooh how funny is this, just played along and was nearly crying with laughter!!! Thanks Mandy x

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