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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Going Away

In honour of Abigails big 5th birthday on Monday we're off to Cheshire tommorrow, we're going to Gullivers World (a theme park for the under 13's) and then on Monday we're making a visit to the Blue Planet Aquarium, all terribly exciting but the best bit is that we have a hotel suite booked for tommorrow night, it's 10 star (Abigails own category) and thrilling because it even has a pool (new swimming costumes all round) in which I plan to have my very first swim for atleast 5 years tommorrow night, probably before we take a meal in their award winning restaurant.

Sounds good doesn't it!!! Well I am looking forward to it so much, I can't remember the last time I stayed in a hotel discounting the Travel Lodge in Dundee 4 years ago! We may only be going away for 1 night but it will be the best holiday ever according to the children and you know what I have a tendency to agree.

I went on a bit of an unplanned spending spree today and bought new outfits for the children, a couple of new jumpers from Next for moi and a petrol hedge trimmer for Paul, I'm assured he won't be using that on our Mini-break (ooh see I've gone all Bridget Jones now!) and it is in fact for his fledgling gardening business. Soon there will be 2 of us in one house with our own businesses!

Speaking of which, I have a new website, have a look HERE, ooh and celebrate with me when you read the front page, I only got notification of that award yesterday and I could win quite a few dollars at the end of the year.

1 more thing, I bought myself an official grown up lady purse today, I thought it was time to stop having the purse of a 5 year old because after all I am now a grown up..... well maybe!!

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