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Monday, May 21, 2007

Holy Maloley!

So yesterday we went off to Lightwater Valley Theme Park, it just so happened that they had a special discount weekend on so we all got in just about half price.

Anyway why am I telling you this? Well you see those little red arrows on that there photograph? Well those arrows are pointing at Mr Studley Rogers himself (thats my hubbys cybername for anyone who doesn't know!) and my darling little boy Iain, yes I know he's 10 already but Oi, Looby and Abigail were nearly crying and had to cover their eyes because they were so scared they were going to fall out, they were scared? I can't even imagine how Iain and Studley got through it all, especially Iain though, this is a child who has to have a lie down when he loses a tooth as it's so traumatic for him, this is a boy who cried for an entire evening because he forgot to save his pokemon game and had to go back to the beginning, up until now he has proudly worn his badge of Wuss along with the queen of the wusses, yes that would be me, well I'm still a Wuss but Iain has firmly had his club badge revoked.

I guess this means he'll be wanting to leave home next, Ho hum.....

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