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Friday, May 11, 2007

Lovely Week!

It really has been lovely this week, I feel like I'm flying high on a cloud of love at the moment, it's been a while since Paul had real time off and this week we've totally reconnected and are in Lurve, yes it's soppy but hey it's 7 years since we got married so I reckon thats worth celebrating.

Todays piccy is from Gullivers where we enjoyed this ride where as you can see you lie on your front, you're then hoisted up and spun around to enjoy the sensation of flying, when Abigail and I had our turn we spent the entire time giggling, then again that Abigail, she's a proper daredevil, I spent most of my time on the bigger rollercoasters screaming but she just thought that was even more hilarious, what can I say, I am indeed a proper wuss!!

It's also very much been a week of lurve over at my forum Craft, I must add it's not just my forum it also belongs to the lovely and much superior techie Phillip, we're enjoying a week over there of free speech, happiness and lots of giggles, including the occasional crafty bit I may add so if you haven't checked us out yet then there's never been a better time, especially as this weekend we're having a competition, details over on the forum.

Happy Weekend everyone :)

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