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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Marvellous Minibook

Ever wondered what to do with your leftover larger scraps of cardstock, well this is one simple way of making a fabulous mini scrapbook which will sit happily on your coffee table.

I had some leftover photos from last year which either weren't suitable for layouts or larger versions were used, I really didn't want to dispose of them though or just leave the photos in a plastic envelope, then I started looking at my leftover cardstock and I came up with this fabulous flap book, basically the pages are all 4 inches in diameter which means you can use up all those 6x4 photos and the scrapbook itself in this case is 9 pages in thickness, the bottom sheet is 12 inches in length and then with each page further up the pile the pages lose half an inch, it makes a lovely minibook and I feel a lot better knowing that I saved my photos from a life in the drawer. Just because I'm a scrapbooker doesn't mean that I'm Twee!!!!!!

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Eleni Gratsia said...

This is absolutely fabulous!!!

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