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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Catching Up

Well the last couple of days has been devoted to me nursing sick children, namely Abigail and Looby who have had the most awful sickness bugs since Thursday, Abigail started coming down with it during our trip to the coast and Looby wasn't too far behind. Bernie the bear has also been quite ill and spent most of yesterday either in bed or lying on the settee!

So I thought I better share some photos as I seem to be collecting a plethora this week, the above of course is Bernie, that well travelled bear from Benton Park Reception class and the second one is yesterday, Looby felt a little better and really wanted to take Fiyero for a walk so we headed off to the Quayside.

She did really well though we had to carry Fiyero most of the way as we've found he doesn't like the outside world very much, just as well he's teeny enough to carry! Maybe I should get myself a doggy bag!

Once we walked to the quayside we ended up having to call Paul to rescue us, thank goodness he was off yesterday really.

Today all the children have felt well enough to go off to their grandmas for the day and so I think they'll be enjoying an Easter party though who knows how much will get eaten as Abigail atleast is still a little peaky.

Paul is off working his usual plus some overtime so it's just me and a houseful of animals, I'm thinking that I might try and take Fiyero for a walk in a little while but maybe I should take along my extra large handbag just in case he doesn't fancy it!!

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Andrea said...

Hi, I've been following your Bear's adventures. I am also looking after a bear that belongs to the children in my class. He is making the most of the Easter Holidays to build his own blog so that when he goes back to school the children can blog his adventures. Bear's blog is here:

I followed your blog link from the Design Collective and it's lovely to see photographs of my area!

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