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Monday, April 02, 2007

Bernie Comes To Stay!

Bernie is the class bear in Abigails reception class and each weekend he goes to stay with a different child from the class, he takes along his diary and it gets filled in with photos, tickets and stories of his time with each family. Abigail was chosen to bring Bernie home for the whole holidays and so each day we have a plethora of things for him to do and photo opportunities. This slide show was just the beginning of his adventures with us on Friday night and Saturday. Don't forget to tune in for more as the week progresses!!


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Anonymous said...

Woweee your slideshow is brillant! Do you mind me asking what software you used as I would love to do something like that for our Disney pics. Also the music was perfect for the piccies too. Wuv the teddy bear idea. When I was at school it was a budgie! lol Kxx

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