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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Bernie Does Art!

It's been a busy few days for Bernie the Bear as he's been just about everywhere now, I can't remeber ever encountering such a well travelled bear, surely he must be related to Paddington don't you think?!

So yesterday we walked down to the Quayside again, after enjoying ice-creams and me enjoying lovely coffee we decided that we would have a look in the Baltic Centre for contemporary art.

The building as you can see here used to be an old flour mill but was given much funding by the lottery etc to become the art gallery it is now, it opened a couple of years ago now and it's taken me until yesterday to actually get in there. I thought the children might be able to stand it for just a few moments but wasn't too sure what they would make of it as it's really been their first encounter of ART, well for Abigail, Looby and Bernie, Iain is quite knowledgable on such subjects and is studying Andy Warhol at school at the moment. There were a couple of really great exhibits but my most favourite was "Constellation" by Brian Eno, if you want to find out more about it HERE, it really was awesome though, made up of 77 million paintings on slides, it stands on a huge wall with 46 panels which constantly revolve to give each visitor a truly unique experience, it's in a darkened room with specially written music and I have to say I was awestruck and for once (probably the first time ever) all the children were quiet at the exact same moment.

I really hope the children grow up loving art and culture, we surely live in the right kind of place for them to experience it. Next stop I think will be a trip to the Laing Art Gallery, a more traditional gallery, we'll see what they make of that! Not today though, Abigail and Loobys bug of last week seems to have caught me and Iain and we're not feeling very good at all, Pyjama day all round, I just hope that Bernie doesn't complain about staying in the house too much!

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