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Thursday, April 05, 2007

They say you never see what's right under your nose

but after a couple years of agoraphobia you certainly appreciate it even more! This is the first year I have actually felt I was able to explore my surroundings and me and the kids, Oh and of course Bernie have had a lot of fun in the process.

Yesterday we walked aropund 4 miles, thats only a couple of miles from home and back but such treasures awaited us it was absolutely worth it.

I'd never been in the Ouseburn Valley before even though it's a maximum of 5 minutes walk from home but boy was it worth it, the whole area is being regenerated at present, a process started in 1996, thing is though it's such a huge area it's taking years. I loved the fact that it was so industrial and yet there were moments of beauty to be appreciated at every turn. If you are a UK resident with children then if I tell you that CBBC's "The Stables" is filmed in the Ouseburn Valley where Stepney bank Stable is then you may have some idea of the area I'm talking about.

Then of course we have the more familiar sight of the river tyne with all it's beautiful bridges, this is the first time I've taken photos of the bridges and so I thought I better take a couple of hundred just to make up for it!

The kids (I Think) loved the adventure, probably their favourite bit was when we all sat on the Millenium Bridge (thats the white one for anyone who doesn't know) eating our chocolate biccies (which I secreted away in my camera bag) and soaking up the gorgeous Easter weather.

Today we're off to Tynemouth for a little quaint seaside fun and hopefully some hi jinks along the way!

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