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Friday, September 16, 2016

5 things you can do today to make someone smile!

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I don't know about you but for me there's nothing I love more than making someones day with a small gesture or good deed, I try to do good deeds every day as my active practice of just being a better person, I've always felt collecting good karma points comes in handy at times when you're having a rough time and the more good you do in the world the more the world will smile back.  The thing is though that if someone is having a rough time even the simplest act can cheer them right up and it really is as simple as holding a door for someone or offering your seat to a weary passenger who's overloaded with bags no matter what age they are.

With that in mind and the fact that the weather in the north east of England is currently hideous as I'm sure it is in other parts I thought I would end the week with a little list, something to go out there and practice, here's 5 things you can do today to make someone smile.

1. Smile, this is the simplest act but you wouldn't believe what smiling at someone can do, it has the power to bring about the most profound changes, warmly smiling at someone who's had a rough day makes them smile and we all know that if you smile (even at yourself in the mirror) you'll instantly feel better, smiling is free too, told you it was simple!

2.  The act of sending flowers can make the most rubbish day seem better, my friends at Prestige flowers, clients I've worked with in the past sent me these beautiful roses last Friday and a week later they are still in full bloom smiling at me every time I walk past them in my hall, flowers are the perfect tonic to a dark day and though we expect that everyone has been sent flowers at some point in their lives it might not be the case, earlier this year I sent Harriet some flowers from Looby and I and would you believe it was only the second time in her life someone had sent flowers, now I may not receive flowers very often but I'm lucky that I have lovely clients who send them or I'll sometimes send them to myself, they're the perfect gift for birthdays and of course at Christmas, gifting flowers can be the ultimate lift to a dark winters day.

3.  Hugs, hugs should be given out freely to whoever needs them and they should always be freely available in my opinion, I am a stealth professional hugger and I have friends who also like to hug and I hug my daughters as often as possible, now I'm not suggesting you should run up to strangers and offer them hugs but I'm sure the next passing friend you see would appreciate one and you end up getting a warm hug back, it's like a free gift!

4.  Send someone a handwritten letter, when was the last time you received a letter or a card or a postcard even that was full of feeling and penned in your own handwriting?  In a world of junk mail and card companies who do it all for you, why not pop to a shop today and pick up  card to send in your own handwriting, I guarantee it will make someones day.

5.  Bake a cake, baking is my ultimate way to relax, it's the one time I can shut down my computer and put down my phone, when you bake a cake the whole world ceases to exist just for a while and if you can make a cake which you can then gift to someone, well that's calorie free baking right there and in my experience no one ever refuses cake!

Now I'm not going to claim any cosmic responsibility for this but as i'm sitting here typing away I've noticed that the rain has finally stopped, maybe I made the weather feel better, just the act of putting happy things out there can often make happy things come back towards you, I don't deny that sometimes life can feel like an uphill struggle but the smallest acts can help and maybe if someone had helped Sisyphus with that boulder at the top of the hill maybe it wouldn't have rolled all the way down again, just saying...

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