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Monday, September 05, 2016

Hello September!

evening over mount tibidabo, travel photography by Mandy Charlton

Today it's really dawned on me that the summer holidays, the summer of excitement and adventure, the best summer ever is drawing to a close, my girls both return to school on Wednesday and my house is going to feel so empty and quiet, not that I've been home very often over the last six weeks, tomorrow I'm throwing a little goodbye to summer soiree to mark the occasion and I plan to cook some super tasty and healthy treats because today is the first day of the Handy Diet and Exercise plan, luckily I managed to eat that last box of Polvorones I bought at the airport, go me!

I've put on about a stone in weight over the last few months and I haven't been running since the girls broke up from school so I really do need a shove if you see me standing still for too long or attempting to fill my face with something which isn't grade A healthy.

September for me means, the start of Autumn, the beginning of the busiest time of year for portraits and I know that over the coming months I'll be out there recording hundreds of families making their own sweet memories in what is the most colourful time of year.

I have some new Autumnal lovely shoes which are going to ensure my feet hold out during the myriad of sessions I'll shoot over the coming months, thanks to the lovely people at Hotter who make the most comfortable stylish shoes, seriously, if you are a photographer and shoot weddings, try wearing a pair of these and you'll still be able to stand up at the end of the night!!  You know when you put new shoes on and think "ooh, they'll be comfortable when they're worn in" well Hotter are different, I put my Stephanie shoes on and they instantly felt like comfortable gloves for my feet!

I will also tell you that even Looby loves Hotter shoes, she has a pair of their plimsoles and has worn them the entire summer, they really do have shoes for all ages.

Now I'm not going to lie when I say that September is always a bit of a hard month for me personally, in some ways it's like January, you've done all of the fun stuff and now it's back to work but at least it's not cold, dark and minus 3 just yet and I am hoping that the Indian summer will last right until the end of October at least.

Over the last few months I've learnt to expect the unexpected, I've learnt that there's adventure waiting to be had around every corner, over spring and summer I have collaborated with some of the most brilliant brands and worked to showcase both their products and they're experiences, it's something I never even thought would happen when I became a blogger ten years ago and I still write for me today about a myriad of subjects as well as collaborating and I think that's why my blog feels like home to me, it's enriched with memories and experiences, it's my happiest place but it's also a place where I can be honest, where I can truly be myself, sometimes venting or laughing or even sometimes crying or reflecting, it's good to remember that life is like a big patchwork quilt and some of the sections are bumpier than the rest.

I'm not entirely sure what this next part of my life is going to hold in store but I do know that every time I come home I get itchy feet again, my thirst for travel is unquenchable whether I'm travelling alone, or with my kids, friends or even with Holly Bobbins.  

So I hope you're reading this having had the very best of summer, I hope that your memories will linger on much longer than the kiss of sunshine on your skin which seems to fade the moment you step on the airplane home!

This post contains a collaboration with Hotter shoes but all thoughts, words and previous summer adventures were mine and mine alone!


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