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Friday, September 02, 2016

Travel, Summer, Life, An Update!

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This is what you would call a little life update or a little blog update to be precise, I got back from Barcelona (click the link to see Freddie and Montserrat singing their hearts out) earlier this afternoon and apart from briefly going out for some lunch and (of course) cake I've not really moved from sitting on my comfy lovely bed!

There hasn't been one week this summer where I've done nothing and I'm almost certain that is just the way that I like life to be, you see to me I think you have two choices in life, you can choose to live life in the slow lane, sitting on your couch, complaining that you are bored and that nothing ever happens or you can get out there into the big wide world and take life by the neck and live every second getting as many experiences from it as possible.  Perhaps because I once had agoraphobia it makes me appreciate it even more.

I cannot tell you one single favourite experience I've had this summer because there are simply too many to count, each moment of each day that I have lived this summer has been a moment to remember from feeding friendly sheep on a nature reserve to taking a cable car up Monjuic with Harriet, from meandering down a lazy river Avon on a small boat with Abigail to swimming around a lazy river at a leisure centre in Perth with Looby, a simple experience but one where we laughed and had so much fun.  I may not be the one who goes out and drinks until I fall over, I may not be the one who is the queen of social events and without a doubt I am not the coolest most fashionable, fun mum on the planet but I am the one who has the thirst for travel, adventure, new experiences and exploration.

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For every day that I travel I feel more free, more enriched and my soul fills with joy, I wish I had the courage to do this at twenty but then I also think travelling in your forties is even better because you are more confident, it's not all about the nightlife and you can choose to share or not share as much as you want, you can be selfish and travel alone, something I love but then to share travel with your friend or your child is also special too.  The great thing about travelling in the connected age is the ability to share the moment, I have shared with my children the magic fountains of Monjuic, sunsets in cannes, great views in Palma and Pisa, with Facetime and Video calling you are never far apart and even when you are travelling on your own, with social media you can share precious moments with thousands, we live in a special age of travel.

This weekend apart from fulfilling a couple of photo shoots I plan to just be, to reflect and maybe to start organising, editing and maybe even sharing the thousands of photographs I've taken this summer, I never buy souvenirs other than a magnet for my fridge because I have the photographs, I can relieve every single experience every time I look at the image, I may have been slightly cursed with being bi polar but I've also been blessed with the ability to be amazingly creative, a double edged sword but I cannot imagine seeing the world through the colours I see it in.  

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