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Thursday, September 15, 2016

8 reasons to love Autumn

This week, this beautiful week, this weather where it's summer one moment and autumn the next, all week I've felt that I'm on the precipice of something new, I can feel it in the air but it's still just out of reach.

September is a strange month in business, it's after the long summer break and no one has the time that they had, back in the hustle and bustle of every day and life and the small people have drained their parents resources, it's a hard time to be in business, even harder to be a single parent entrepreneur, you've just got to hold on though, because just around the corner is autumn, family portrait season, warm colours, bright happy families playing in the newly fallen leaves, every year I fall in love with autumn all over again, and every year I notice the microcosmic differences at the changing of the seasons.

My daily walks through Heaton and Armstrong Parks tell me that leaf fall is actively happening out there and one look at my calendar with no availability at weekends until the end of October brings the promise that for the next few months at least I'll have job security once again, just for a little while anyway.

Even after 10 years of being self employed, crafting my art and learning to be a business savvy mumpreneur, I've learnt never to take anything for granted for one moment you are up and the next you are down, being in business is like a never ending ride on a rollercoaster.

For me personally I adore autumn but dread the long forthcoming winter, I'm at my happiest in spring and summer, I love the beauty of the beginning of autumn but once it starts to get cold, grey and the leaves have turned to brown slimy piles of detritus my heart starts to ache for sunshine and warmth once again although of course we also know that my favourite season is not to far away, the festive season is going to edge closer now and before I blink it will be time to deck the halls and make merry with the promise that this Christmas might just be the best one yet although it will take a lot to top last year when I threw open my doors for a friendship Christmas and I plan to do the same again this year for no one should ever be alone (well ever, if I had my way) at Christmas.

Ok, I've mentioned the C word way too many times but here's 8 Autumnal pleasures we can all look forward to over the next couple of months - 

  1. Crunchy autumnal walks treading through a tricolour pathway of reds, yellows and orange
  2. Having Hot Chocolates in candlelit living rooms when the kids come home from school,  this autumn I'll be using my gorgeous new mug sent to me by a lovely bride who's wedding I once shot, you must check out Have A Bru and get your own customised mug of your favourite four pawed best friend.  Joys eye for design is second to none and I am delighted with Holly's representation on the mug, it's just perfectly her!
  3. Bright wooly knitted jumpers, scarves and gloves
  4. Throwing leaf piles high into the air 
  5. Fun leaf fights with friends and family
  6. Practicing more Hygge, I will get the hang of this very soon I am sure.
  7. Sitting on the sofa with a great book or a movie, a glass of mulled wine in hand and a cosy throw over my toes with Holly Bobbins at my side
  8. Beautifully lit days with golden soft light, low sunshine creating a magical autumnal wonderland


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