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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Why we must take action to heal our world right now.

A sunset which signifies peace and love and understanding

As I sit here, it's late on Friday night, it's been a pretty good day, I've photographed lovely clients, I've championed my business, I've fought against Facebook and their algorithms, they won of course and I paid for some advertising, oh and then there was the 10k walk to hunt for Pokemon with Harriet and Looby.  If that all seems surreal it's better than real life currently, horror in Nice, breaking news of a coup in Turkey, our world is really falling apart right now, there's so much hatred, so much terror and not enough love.

I worry about the kind of world my children will be adults in but I also have hope that they will be the generation that brings about more tolerance, acceptance and love.  Isn't it time in our world that we just define people by what they do and not by their skin colour, sexuality or religion, haven't we yet reached a point in our civilisation that we can accept our differences and celebrate our similarities, can't we just embrace the uniqueness of every individual who lives on our earth?

I don't have any answers but I think we can bring about change, each and every one of us, there are great historical figures who embraced this ideology, the Jewish talmud says "The man who changes one life, changes the world entire" and so for my whole life I have lived trying not to judge anyone on anything but their thoughts and actions, yes it may be that I have misjudged once or twice but then we all have, I'm not at all, not even for one moment suggesting that I am perfect but I do have love in my heart and I guess that's what I'm saying here, I'm saying you, yes you, the one reading this over your cornflakes or cup of tea, I'm saying you can be the change, you see when you go through therapy the first thing they tell you is that you can't change others but by changing and understanding and healing yourself you can bring about changes in others.

So here's an idea, a small idea, something to take to your children and your family and your friends, lets all 30,000 of us who read my blog every month, imagine that if we all went around and we spread this message, if we just lead by example that we give love, we don't judge on anything other than actions and that we try to embrace our own uniqueness whilst understanding the differences in everyone else in our own society.  30,000 might not be very many people but it's more people than live in some cities, imagine that, what if we told just 1 person and they told one person, we could truly make a change.

Just remember, you only have to change one life, if you teach this to your children, they will accept it with such openness that maybe they will be the game shakers, the life changers and you by your own small action will have changed the world for better.

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