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Sunday, July 10, 2016

24 hours in Scarborough part 2, Scarborough Castle

Scarborough, North Bay, Sunshine, Mandy Charlton, Travel Photographer

If you read part 1 of 24 hours in Scarborough you'll know that I just felt I had too many images to share and putting them in 1 blog post, well, it would have been one of those where you're still scrolling three days later and I felt that Scarborough Castle deserved a blog post all of it's own.  In all of the years I've been going to Scarborough I'd never made it up to the castle, perhaps because my fitness levels were nowhere near what they are now and it is perched high upon the cliffs separating the north and south bays.  It actually wasn't too much of a walk from our hotel though and it required little effort in comparison to the walk up from the south bay up the hill down in to the north bay and back up again to our hotel.

Mandy Charlton, Travel Photographer

Apologies for the less than stylish photo of me, I've ran out of reasons why I just look odd or like a bag lady in photographs, perhaps I actually look like an odd bag lady in real life too?  Please answer that only in your minds ladies and gentlemen!  Anyway, I digress, back to Scarborough and within about 5 seconds of entering the castle I decided to renew our English Heritage passes, it's £4.30 a month for a year for 1 adult (or £6.30 for 2 adults) and I can take up to 6 children in, this seemed to me like a bargain when it would have cost £11 for Looby and I just to go in the once.  It's my considered opinion after many years of mumming that with a National Trust and English Heritage card in your pockets the country is your oyster and don't all children love castles and beautiful historic buildings which are often combined with quaint tea rooms and adventure playgrounds, just take a picnic and you could have yourself a practically free day out.

Scarborough by Mandy Charlton, Travel Photographer,

The best thing about Scarborough castle is I think are the epic views over the whole of Scarborough, it's the only point in Scarborough high enough to see both bays and let me tell you right now, from high above Scarborough is the most beautiful place on earth (I'm quite fond of it at ground level too). the rugged cliffs and wind swept vistas, the salty air that you can taste on your lips and the smell of fish and chips as you descend into the south bay below.  We spent a couple of hours at the castle but like most things Looby likes to skip and hop through the days cartwheeling wherever she can, a young lady with boundless energy and a mostly sunny disposition which is only clouded by occasional teenage storms, mostly she saves those for home though, I think because the doors are noisier and more slam worthy.
Scarborough by Mandy Charlton, Travel Photographer,

I know we shall return to Scarborough again in just a couple of weeks, not just because we've 3 visits to fit in to the Sea Life Sanctuary over the next year but just because we love it, it makes us happy and holds the warmest of memories, the years of the girls childhoods may have been filled with ups and downs but rarely did we have a day out which wasn't fun and joyful.

Scarborough by Mandy Charlton, Travel Photographer,

Beautiful Scarborough, scenic Scarborough, gaudy amusement arcade filled Scarborough with your cheap souvenir shops and bay filled with fish and chip shops, I love every part of you, you have my heart in the sunshine and the rain and I cannot wait to visit you again.

Scarborough by Mandy Charlton, Travel Photographer,

Scarborough by Mandy Charlton, Travel Photographer,

Scarborough by Mandy Charlton, Travel Photographer,


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