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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Thaikhun, when restaurant reviews go wrong...

Have you been to Thaikhun in the Metrocentre yet?  I didn't even know it was there until a couple of weeks ago when I randomly ended up at the Metrocentre on a Saturday afternoon so when they asked if Looby, Abigail and I would like to go along to sample their Thai street food delights I couldn't refuse.

If you've never been to Thaikhun, they specialise in Thai street food straight from the heart of Bangkok, if you've never had a Thai red or green curry then Thaikhun is a pretty good place to start, the restaurant is dark with ambient lighting meaning it's not the best place for photography but then that's not the reason that people go to restaurants (or in this social media based world, perhaps it is?)

When we sat down we were given a pot of bugs, yes bugs, with every kids meal you get a pot of bugs, I think perhaps just a couple would have done, Looby and I dared each other to eat one, well let me just tell you, they taste like death, I'm not sure who's idea it was to give children chargrilled bugs in pots, it's certainly an interesting talking point but for me, well I won't ever forget the taste of chargrilled bug for the rest of my life and no, I shan't be in a hurry to source some for my cupboards.

Now I should state at this point that there have in the past been a few disasters in my taking the kids out for food and so I'd like to state the following, Abigail had heatstroke, she'd been doing every single event in the school sports day, a whole day event and she'd not worn a hat, suncream or drank nearly enough water and so for the most part Abigail lay with her head on the table and looked particularly ill, in fact she was so ill that her daddy had to come and pick her up and take her home!

I should also state the following - Looby has now worked out that if you get a sauce with your noodles it's probably a good idea to taste the sauce before you pour it all over your noodles just in case you're not so keen on the sauce.  I don't need to tell you the rest of the story...

and in conclusion to my tales of woe I should also state that when it comes to spicy food I am a big girls blouse so when I was exclaiming to the waitress that I needed water, water and more water to cool down my tongue from the burning sensation caused by the Tom Yum sauce she told me that some people don't even think it's hot enough, are those people the spawn of satan, have they no tastebuds?

So at this point you're probably thinking we weren't the biggest fans and shan't be going again but you know what, the food is delicious, the starters were amazing, there's a good selection for the veggies amongst and even Abigail in her ill beyond ill state liked them, she followed by having a veggie pad thai and loved the little that she ate.  Looby loved Abigail's dessert that she didn't want and I loved the starter of tempura prawns, the Tom Yum soup before it all got too much for my tastebuds and the pudding, I'm always a fan of puddings and there's a large selection of puddings you just wouldn't get anywhere else.

Abigail went again this week with her daddy and had a really lovely meal and an enjoyable experience, Looby said she would definitely go back, she wouldn't put the sauce on the noodles and she definitely wouldn't be eating bugs again!  I will go again but if I'm honest I'll probably just leave the kids at home and try one of the steaks which looked amazing on the menu.  The one thing we all loved was the Thai iced green tea, probably the best green tea concoction I've ever had, I also loved the cocktail I had which came served in a Thai takeaway box.

I'm relieved that all we paid for was the desserts, If I'd had to pay £68 for meals which didn't get eaten through no fault of the restaurants I might have cried, in fact I was on the verge of dismay by the time we'd finished anyway!  It's all just proof that even professional writers have disasters when combined with parenting efforts but as always I maintain professional honesty too so I recommend you go and try it yourself and I hope it's not a catalogue of catastrophe or you might just need to sample several more cocktails to get through it.

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