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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The summer of friendship and extraordinary experiences...

I'm sitting writing from a lodge located in the most beautiful nature reserve just a stones throw away from the Humber bridge, it's been the most incredible day, I've laughed until my tummy hurt, I've seen sharks and I've cuddled sheep, I've met an adorable Dalmatian called Ozzy and I've snuggled with a guinea pig.  Truly today has been a day the soul requires to keep you sane.  We've been to The Deep in Hull, Bridlington for ice-creams, lunch and amusements and finally we arrived at our lodge in the late afternoon.

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The summer of friendship and extraordinary experiences is something I've been waiting for my whole life, I embrace each moment of my singleton status and although I am sure that one day I will want to settle down, for now I feel younger and more free than I have ever felt before.

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Airbnb really is about finding the most incredible spaces and places and that's what we have found here, I'm going to write a full article and review when I have the time to get all of the images from my camera but I recommend to anyone who wants to come and cuddle a tame sheep you should come stay in the Lakeside Nature Retreat in Barton-upon-Humber, it's around £60 a night but if you sign up with that link (the one that says airbnb) you'll get £20 off your first trip which is what Harriet did and so we paid £20 each for me, my girls and her, that is a bit of a bargain when you think of your average BnB, we all have our own bedrooms, and I don't think we would run out of things to do if we stayed for a week because although it really is a tranquil getaway it's also near to so many places like Hull, Lincoln, Bridlington, Filey, Scarborough and that's where we are heading tomorrow, back to Scarborough, back to the sea life centre, Harriet and Abigail haven't been there yet and like Looby and I, we're all ambassadors for this year.  Hoping to see the otters this time, in fact I'll just sit and stay there until it's feeding time I think.
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I've spent many years travelling both on my own and with my girls and when I was married we travelled as a family, that was often tinged with anger and moods (not my own, I hasten to add) but the brilliant thing now is that when you have a break with a friend every moment is filled with joy and often hilarious laughter, one day I'm sure I'll find someone to have a relationship with like that.
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Tonight I sat outside as the light faded, I listened to the geese and the ducks as they quietened for the night, all in the world seemed calm, serene, a stillness I'd not felt for such a long time, whilst I'll always be anxious, it's just who I am (only my dog has more anxieties than me) I've never felt quite so calm and relaxed as I have these past few months and I think that's amazing, to feel your shoulders drop and your neck not always be sore and stiff from the constant tension in your body as you await the next upheaval or upset, well that is something that money definitely can't buy.

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