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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Pokemon Go, A Hack, Essential Kit and Pokestops and Gyms in Heaton, Newcastle

pokemon go locations in newcastle upon tyne

Pokemon Go is a worldwide smash, the app has become the most downloaded app of all time and every where you go people are playing it, it appeals to young people and parents alike and it's such a simple concept but then all of the best ideas are.

Last night when we were out for dinner at a restaurant which also happened to be a Pokestop someone had set a lure so the place around us was full of wild Pokemon, I spoke to the manager and said he could really benefit from this as other food and drink businesses who are a little marketing and tech savvy already have.  The whole concept seemed to be completely lost on him which left the marketeer in me puzzled and bemused.  Honestly if I could come up with a way for it to work in my photography business then I definitely would and lets just say that I have some ideas so watch this space.

In the last couple of days I have done more walking with my teenagers than ever before, yes, parents, if you let your kids play Pokemon Go they will want to go for walks with you, even better than that though,  because Pokestops are around landmarks you can now hear your children cheer as you announce to them that they're going for a day out at a historic monument!  The National Trust and English Heritage never seemed so inviting!

Clefairy in prosecco at sambucca pavillion, heaton park

Here's some essential things you'll need - 

The Pokemon Go app is not exactly easy on the power for your smartphone but I've found a power pack (I have one and my son has one and Looby now wants one for her phone/tablet) which charges your phone up to 6 times or 2 at once for 3 times presumably and it's only £13.99, less than half the price of similar powered chargers.

Soon the Pokemon Go Plus will launch and this will sit on your wrist connected to your phone by bluetooth and it will just vibrate when you are near a Pokemon so you can save a bit of your battery with that!  I've found the best one on that link which will ship as soon as it launches on August 1st!

You might also want to think about getting a cheap data bundle, get a free GiffGaff sim card  and their data plans are pretty unbeatable, in tests it's been recorded that the app uses approximately 10mb per hour that you play the game.

Finally, a cheap tablet that works great, well Looby has this Huawei MediaPad from O2 and she's never complained about it yet, hers came with 3gb of data for £15 a month and the tablet was free so it's worth seeing what offers they have on, it's certainly a little more sturdy for kids than an iPad mini etc and she can switch between the app on her tablet and phone as she's also got an android phone.

Now, I've been thinking about ideas to make this more interesting if you have kids and want to plan some fun activities around the summer holidays so - 

Why not plan a Pokemon themed picnic or party?  Party City has the coolest Pokemon party supplies around and shipping to the UK is not a problem.  Alternatively Amazon also have a great range of Pokemon party supplies.

Now, if I was a business expecting an influx of kids this summer, I'd be planning a lot of Pokemon themed cakes, activities and other various things and if I was a business that was a Pokestop then I might just consider paying for lures in the app to make people come to my business and then maybe offer a free drink or cake with every purchase, remember a board outside with your Pokemon Go related offer...

You remember a couple of years ago when Loom bands completely took over the summer?  Well this is about a million times bigger than Loom bands ever were, even at their peak and I for one wish I'd been the one to invent this app!

Where to catch Pokemon in Heaton, Newcastle?

We have some super cool Pokestops and Pokemon Gyms right on our doorstep in the east end of Newcastle, there's one just next to us at the Molineux football court, there are 2 Pokestops on the top part of Heaton road where the old Heaton bingo is now the Newcastle dream centre, there are 2 gyms nearby too, one right at the top of Heaton park which is at the temple lookout and the other is just as you come into Armstrong park where the shoe trees are.  What you really need to do if you want water Pokemon is go by the sea ;)

Oh also when your first Pokemon appears walk away from it four times and you'll then get yourself a Pikachu, I got Charmander because I didn't know this hack

Parents, if you are booking photo shoots with me you'll be able to tell your kids that everywhere I shoot has Pokestops and Pokegyms nearby.

I use affiliate marketing to facilitate the feeding of my children.

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