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Friday, May 13, 2016

A Cat Cafe on Newcastle's Famous Quayside - CatPawCino

Ever since I heard about CatPawCino opening on Newcastle's Famous Quayside I've wanted to visit so when Abigail and my lovely friend Harriets birthdays coincided with only 2 days between them a visit to CatPawCino seemed like the most amazing birthday experience and you know how I prefer an experience to a thing!

CatPawCino is located right within the heart of the quayside, easily accessible by foot, public transport or car they have a standard £5 admission charge for an hour spent within the cafe although that does include a soft drink, tea or coffee and yummy cake.  I decided since we were celebrating we would instead go for the £12 per person afternoon tea which also includes the admission charge.  We were also told that although it's only an hour of time that they don't mind if you stay longer if it's quieter which it was last night although I imagine weekends are slightly crazy and booking in advance is recommended for weekends and holidays.

I really must say though that CatPawCino isn't about the yummy food it serves, it's not about the beverages, it's about the cats that you get to spend time with, there's just nothing like it, I don't think I can actually find the words to describe the joy it gave me to be in an environment where animals and humans are just peacefully co-existing, the cats are total poppets, you're not allowed to pick them up which means they come to you, you can of course go and stroke them and they're all just chilling out around the coffee house, on book shelves, on giant cat gyms, on shelves on walls and on chairs, you very much feel that this is the cats domain and you are merely honoured guests.

They ask that you don't use flash to take photos but there's really no need as the garden themed room is so bright and airy that you almost feel you are outdoors, other than that you can snap away, you can practice your cat themed photography, something which I of course embraced, in truth I could happily go back once a week just to photograph the pretty felines.

There's not much more to say really as it's so magical that you really do just have to go and experience it, oh and make sure you have a bowl tea, completely different and quite delicious.  So let me just end with a flurry of photographs dedicated to the purring little ones who made yesterday quite special for my daughter and beloved friend.


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