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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Follow The Sunshine

ribblehead viaduct by mandy charlton
The Ribblehead Viaduct

Never in my imagination when I sat down to write about why I was leaving Slimming World did I think that nearly 10,000 people would read that post, it seems I've hit upon something, a raw nerve, a thought which is on a lot of peoples minds, one thing, a funny thing kept being mentioned wherever I happened to discuss the subject, "How on earth can avocados be worse for your health than air fried chips or low fat yoghurts (with masses of hidden sugars)?"

I'll leave that subject for now but I think it's something I'll keep coming back to, I want to keep up to date with my own progress post slimming world anyway.  I think I'm going to go and weigh myself (probably at Boots) once a month but as long as my clothes still fit and I feel healthy then I'm not going to worry about it too much.

Holly on the beach at Rockliffe

This weekend has been a combination of epic day trips in search of the sunshine and spending time with friends and family, obviously I was accompanied by a beagle at all times and as far and wide as we went she was greatly admired by all,  I can't believe she's going to be 2 years old on Thursday, it seems like yesterday when I adopted her but the reality is she's been living with me now for 18 months, I don't think I've regretted that decision even for 1 second, there really is nothing like the love of a dog, I just adore her!
Beautiful Rockliffe on the South West Coast of Scotland

Each day of this weekend we have been so lucky to actually find the sunshine, we knew all we had to do was go west and that we did, to Hawes, to Saltaire, to Rockliffe, Kippford and to Keswick yesterday, all fabulous days away that deserve posts of their own but as I am mid holiday week I don't quite have the time to sit down and edit the masses of images I've shot.  For these are the days for being in the moment, for creating memories, for standing beneath the boughs and staring as long as sheep and cows (bonus points for naming the poem).  These are the days for enjoying friendship and the companionship that brings, I truly believe that having good friends means you are never alone. Last nights dinner at Yo Sushi with lovely Li and Harriet was am amazing start to this week and tonight I'll be checking out the new summer menu at The Living Room with Harriet and Laura.  I think my life from this point on and to be honest for the many months that have gone before is testament to the friendships I keep, I may not have a lot of friends but I have the best girlfriends I could ask for, friends who not only I love but my children and my dog loves too, friends I can turn to when I am down or crazy as much as friends who can giggle till our tummies hurt, we laugh together, cry together and share every emotion and story in between and I'll never stop being grateful to have these wonderful ladies in my life.
Holly enjoying the muddy beach 

Tomorrow looks like being another road trip, probably to the west because that's where the sunshine is sitting this week, the North East is currently the exact opposite, it's windy, it's cold and every now and again there's a very wet gust of showery rain, more dull and autumnal than sunny and springlike!

coastal path, rockliffe, kippford, mandy charlton
The coastal path from Kippford To Rockliffe

Whatever you do this week just make sure you follow the sunshine too, whether that be physically or even just emotionally for when you smile in your heart the world takes notice of your inner glow.


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