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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Yo Sushi are back in Newcastle!!

After far too long an absence (in my humble opinion) Yo Sushi are finally back where they belong, In the centre of Newcastle upon Tyne.

Best friend and partner in crime Harriet, also known as @chilliroadnews was on hand to accompany me

I lamented that last day of service in Fenwick food hall where Looby and I had sad faces as we said goodbye to our favourite staff members, I'm not just making this up, to give some context Looby and I ate at Yo Sushi on average at least once a week from the very first day it opened in Fenwick, we'd go there on Blue Mondays, we'd go there on birthdays, my children grew up to request Yo Sushi rather than McDonalds, towards the end I found I could only take Looby on Mondays as I couldn't afford for her to eat 10 plates on every visit, she's 12 with hollow legs and a love of sushi, sashimi and anything Japanese.

When Yo Sushi had it's all too long absence Looby refused to ever eat at Fenwick and I had to settle with occasional visits to the Metrocentre even though I loathe the out of town shopping experience. So when an invite reached my inbox for a VIP launch party of the new Yo Sushi on Grainger Street I couldn't actually have been more excited!  Finally the day had come when I could consume everything on the menu without having to worry about taking out a second mortgage, whilst I believe that Yo Sushi is reasonably priced, it's not so much if you try one of each dish they offer!

The new branch of my favourite Tokyo themed restaurant is the next best thing to actually going to Tokyo, something I'd love to do but haven't quite saved up the pennies for, it's retained it's orange branding but it's what I like to call industrial chic, lots of exposed air vents and metal tubes and a huge conveyor belt which stretches around the new double fronted stylish unit.  Step in and you'll not for one moment think you are anywhere else but Yo Sushi and I was happy to find that although the menu has been tweaked going back to it's Tokyo roots it's also retained many of it's most popular menu items.

My favourites have all stayed along with a couple of new items which went straight in my tummy and onto my regulars list included the new Matcha Roll (a sort of super powered green tea Swiss roll with cream in) and the Japanese Souffle cheesecake, I do like savoury as well, promise!!

Last nights VIP launch was smooth, stylish, loud, noisy and vibrant, just like Tokyo and just like the brand Yo Sushi, I for one am counting down the days to next weeks Blue Monday so I can take a certain 12 year old daughter who will no doubt eat more plates in one go than I did last night (I had 7 by the way, a measly 7, not even 10 but I was probably too full up on the delicious Prosecco).  She's not had her Yo Sushi fill for several months so I'm going to let her go for it, just this once!


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