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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

For the love of Holly - In association with

Holly Bobbins, my beloved beagle will be 2 years old on the 2nd of June and it seems like only yesterday when 4 little paws pottered into my kitchen (after a long journey from Beagle Welfare in Staffordshire) and I fell completely and utterly head over heels in love at first sight.

We have the best times Holly and I, she loves to travel and so do I, she's happiest when she knows she's on the way to her next big adventure whether that be by car, train, metro or bus, she just loves being out, meeting people, having lots of sniffs and gambolling in the fields and parks like a spring lamb.  I used to call her Holly Potter because she loves to do exactly that but somewhere along the line she just became Holly Bobbins, a name which suits her personality so very much, she'll answer to Holly, she'll answer to Bobbins, heck, sometimes she'll answer to "come on stinky dog!"

Every night she sleeps on the other side of my bed, sometimes I'll wake up and she's snuck onto the pillow and I find myself wearing a beagle hat, often with a digestive scented paw on my cheek. Sometimes she keeps me awake because of her heavy loud snoring!  She makes strange noises when trying to communicate, something she's very good at though mostly it only takes a look, mostly though just like a human best friend I always know what's on her mind, when she looks sad it breaks my heart, even if it is just because I won't give her my lunch.  I find that when I am sad or hurt (something which happens often being that I'm a total klutz) she'll come to me, squeeze herself against me or she'll just nuzzle her wet nose in my lap as if to say "Don't worry mama, I love you, you will be ok."

I've always had cats and I thought I would die, a crazy cat lady with 72 furry felines running around me but you can never experience a love like no other until you have a dog, people laugh when I say she's my best friend, my soul mate in the form of a dog but she really is, we were meant to be together, we're actually a lot alike, characteristics like the love of cake, the just being a little under tall and slightly rounded around the edges to the being mostly happy and bouncy and loving adventures and holidays and the great outdoors.

Now I'm not going to tell you that being a beagle owner is straight forward because we did have a few issues with the fact that Holly quite liked to eat my floor tiles, my wooden furniture and my living room rug, in addition I'm not sure we've two matching socks left in our house and there's not a day goes by without me watching her pinching underwear from the clothes horse and taking it to her crate (she never uses the crate other than for Holly time and storing her treasures in, the door is always open).  On the whole though she's worth every lost sock, every nibbled knicker and every missing floor tile (I hated them anyway).

There is one thing though, Beagles like to eat, Holly loves food, any type of food, especially since being spade and so nutrition is one thing I have had to take a serious look at, she's currently a couple of kilos above where she should be but thanks to the lovely people at we've been dieting, yes we both have, probably her more than me because after all there's no one to stop me eating cake! tailor made dog food which comes specifically for your dogs needs based on weight, breed, health is such a genius idea and also the very fact that it comes with it's own measuring cup set exactly to Holly's requirements is genius and then factor in that I never have to ever worry about lugging a 15k bag of dog food home from the supermarket and I think we've found our perfect food for my perfect pooch.

If you would like to try for your perfect puppy or delectable dog you can use this link and you'll get a 2 week free trial for a cost of only £1 delivery, now I think that's a pretty unbeatable offer and hopefully your best doggy friend will enjoy it just as much as Holly Bobbins.

This post was written in association with who provided a months free food for Holly Bobbins to her exact requirements, all opinions are honest and my own.


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